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Dignity Tree

The residents and Staff Team within the Living Well Street Unit have been working together to create our very own Dignity Tree.

The tree reads with quotes from our residents and staff members to show what dignity means to each individual. 

The tree also features this poem which emphasises how important Dignity is to everyone at Helme Hall...

' I'm planting my first seed today,
The seed of Dignity,
In time you'll see my seed will grow
And grow into a tree.

A tree fulfilled with knowledge,
A plant for all to see,
What ensuring we have dignity,
Really means to me.

Its a leaf with an idea on,
Its an idea id like to share,
Its an inspirational idea,
Its a leaf to show I care.

The tree will always be there,
Long after I've gone,
To stand up for dignity in care,
A challenge to be won,

I know you will support me,
And I know you'll love the tree,
Its not just a tree you know,
Its what dignity means to me!'

If you would like to add a quote to our Dignity Tree and share with us what dignity means to you, please speak to a member of our team who will gladly facilitate.

Dignity Tree

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